Anesthesia & Critical Care

A diverse range of respiratory products including respiratory and ventilated tubing circuits, HME filters, BVF and Incentive Spirometers.

Anesthesia & Critical Care
HME/HMEF Filters

  • Housed in clear polycarbonate with 27ml holding capacity
  • Centrifugal potted polyurethane adhesive
  • Infusion, Sampling & Temperature Reading
  • Blood Inlet and outconnector easily adapt 1/4″ tubes
  • Step Connector Easy Connection for
  • Adult/Pead/Neonatal tubes
  • Smooth Heat Exchanger Surface
  • Easy Purging (Not stacking the air)
  • Froth Free Delivery
  • Biocompability Tested, Reduced Hemolysis
  • Higher Surface Area for exchange (720 sq.cm)
  • Excellent Cooling & Warming during Cardioplegia
  • Bottom In & Top Out flow path
  • Complete Drain with Minimal Hold Volume
  • Fitted with a 200um filter on Blood Outlet Additional Safety via Filter Trapping Any Microbubbles
  • (Also available in separate pack with Preconnected Lines)


  • Housing                                                             Polycarbonate
  • Product Shape                                                  Rectangle
  • Material                                                             Aluminium
  • Surface Area                                                      720 sqcm
  • Priming Volume/Holding Capacity             27ml
  • Inlet Port                                                           1/4″
  • Outlet Port                                                        1/4″
  • Air Purge                                                          Priming Port
  • Temp. Port                                                       Yes
  • Water-In Port                                                  Quick Coupler
  • Water-Out Port                                               Quick Coupler
  • Inbuilt Filter                                                    200um
  • Flow Rate (Max)                                             2500ml/min
  • Flow Rate (Recommended)                          200-300ml/min
  • Flow Path                                                         Bottom In/Top Out