Blood Bags



SangX is a comprehensive range of highest-quality blood bags, designed to enhance blood collection, processing and storage. All bags can be customized to fit individual and country-specific requirements, including bag configurations, safety methods, filtration and sampling methods.


SangX Single Blood Bag

Single blood bag is used for collection of whole blood with anticogulant CPDA-1 solution.

This single blood bag system with primary bag contains anticogulant CPDA-1 (CitratePhosphate-Dextrose-Adenine) which preserves red blood celles up to 35 days at 2*C- 6*C.



SangX Double Blood Bag

Double blood bag system is used for seperation of two components from whole blood blood. This double system includes one primary bag with anticogulant CPDA-1 & one empty satalite bag.



SangX Triple Blood Bag

Triple blood bag system is used for seperation of three components from whole blood . the triple system includes one primary bag with anticugulant CPDA-1 solution and two empty satellite bags.

Triple SAG-M blood bag system includes one primary bag with anticugulant CPD solution SAGM solution in another bag and one empty satellite bag.



SangX Quadruple Blood Bag CPDA

Quadruple blood bag system is used for Separation of three components of blood through Buffy Coat method. The quadruple system includes one primary bag with anticogulant CPDA-1 solution & three satellite bags

Quadruple blood bag system includes one primary bag with anticogulant CPD solution, one bag with SAGM solution and two empty bags.

Top and Bottom Blood bag.

Top and bottom blood bags also used for seperation three components of blood trough buffy coat method however it provides process to extract red blood cells from the bottom & plasma from the top side.




B L Lifesciences Pvt. Ltd. has established comprehensive Quality Management Systems that integrate compliance with the Indian FDA and applicable international standards (ISO 13485, Medical Device Directive) & follow below quality features.

  • Fully automated German Blood Bag RF welding machine
  • Automated Sterilization, Dryer & Solution filling process.
  • ISO certification (EN ISO 13485:2016/ISO 9001:2015)
  • In house fully equipped classified Microbiology lab, Physical & Chemical lab.
  • Highly classified clean room manufacturing facility.
  • CE certification


B L’s ’s Quality Systems are specifically intended for the design and development, manufacture, and supply of Blood Bags.

Copies of these certificates can be obtained on request once samples are requested.

ISO 13485 is a recognized standard prescribing quality assurance management for the manufacture of medical devices. ISO 13485 presents a basic model for quality assurance covering design and development controls, manufacturing, installation, and servicing. Certification of compliance to the Medical Device Directive is required to allow the manufacturer to create the Declaration of Conformity and to affix the CE mark with the notified body number to their product labeling.

B L’s has established Quality Systems that incorporate the elements of these standards. Some fundamental principles of the B L’s Quality Systems include the following:

  • Top Management actively supports the achievement of product and service quality by creating and deploying a written Quality Policy;
  • The B L’s Quality Systems have been created and maintained by keeping a comprehensive set of controlled procedures/documents and having the resources needed to achieve quality.
  • Work that affects product and service quality is carried out as controlled processes. This requires that the processes are effectively managed by establishing defined procedures, controlling documentation, maintaining records of authorizations, auditing the quality system to keep it current, taking corrective action, calibrating measuring and test equipment.
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